How should I clean my paddle board?

How should I clean my paddle board?

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Over time inflatable SUP's can get dinged, scratched. To keep your board strong, clean, looking good and functioning as it should there are a few simple steps to follow.

Rinse the entire board with fresh water to remove dirt, gravel and debris.

You do not need to rinse your board after using it each time if you are paddling in fresh water, unless you want to quickly clean off debris.

However if you are paddling in salt water it is important to rinse your board with fresh water to remove the salt. Salt can corrode the material and weaken the seams over time. Rinsing with fresh water will prolong the life of your board.

Soapy water should do the trick! We also like to use mineral spirits for those tougher stains.

Pro Tip: When cleaning the traction pad be sure to scrub very gently so as not to shred the pad.

Then rinse thoroughly with fresh water after cleaning to remove all soap residue.

It is best to let your board dry off as much as possible before packing away.

Dry the board with a towel as best I can then deflate it and pack it away.

Leaving it wet will promote the growth of bacteria and mold as well as weaken the seams.

One of the most awesome things about inflatable stand up paddle boards is that they can pack away into a storage bag or backpack and be stored in a small space.

When the board is dry, deflate it, take off the fins and the leash, roll it up and pack it away inside the storage bag.

Keep the bag stored away from the elements and out of direct sunlight.