Can an inflatable paddle board be used in winter?

Can an inflatable paddle board be used in winter?

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You will find many articles talking about storing your inflatable paddle board for the winter.  Instead, continue paddle boarding in winter. We know it sounds like a bad and miserable idea, Wrong! Cold-weather paddling can be some of the best paddle boarding you will ever do.

  • Cold water temperature paddle boarding

Although you will be in cold temperatures you will be rewarded with some of the most scenic spots to go paddle boarding and have amazing opportunities for spectacular wildlife viewing.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the weather forecast, bring clothing that will let you stay warm once you are off the water, and while cold weather paddle boarding wear a wetsuit of the proper thickness or a dry suit. When paddle boarding in colder water take extra safety measures including although not limited to knowing the wind direction, air temperature, and water temperature having a hot beverage, and letting friends or loved ones know where you will be paddle boarding and when to expect you back.

  • Winter months and winter paddling

Some of the best river waves are found during the winter months when the storms are fresh and snow is falling and melting giving the rivers enough moisture to swell. The same is especially true for the end of the winter season. However, nothing beats surfing in a blizzard.

Make sure to wear a wetsuit to keep your body warm, a helmet when you sup on a river wave and or a dry suit if the wetsuit still leaves you wanting the heat, sun, and weather of summer. Neoprene booties and gloves will help keep the warmth in when your hands and hit the freezing water or you are doused by ice-cold rain. And when you do fall into the uncomfortable and dangerous cold waters it will be come clear why the proper safety gear is needed. You will also understand how fun it is to be out on the wave as the cooler air blows past.

  • Touring cold weather paddle boarding

Cold weather paddle boarding and winter paddle boarding are some of the best ways to get out and keep in shape while getting to see from a perspective not a lot of people will ever see. Some lakes are better suited for paddle boarding in winter than during the summer months. The Great Salt Lake is one of these lakes. The cold weather of winter keeps the insect population from being an issue while the cold water keeps the lake's unique smell under control. This lake never freezes over and is such an amazing spot to paddle board no matter the season although especially so in the winter.

With any sort of winter stand-up paddle boarding be sure to have the right gear, a dry bag that will keep everything from your cell phone to extra clothes completely dry.

  • Winter SUP camping

Winter camping and winter SUP camping are amazing ways to get out of the city and to relax. Go out to where your cell phone can't bother you and relax. Even if you decided to stay in a cozy cabin where you can escape the cold weather and relax by the warmth of a fire after taking the paddle board out.

The calm and serene beauty of a forest in winter is something that everyone should experience at least once. To wake up to a fresh blanket of snow and crisp air is a beautiful thing. Especially if you have a dog with you to watch them explore and bound through the snow-loving every moment of it.

Winter paddleboard adventures are more dangerous than your average day paddle boarding in the summer and will require more protection when cold weather paddling. We want you to stay safe and know your limits, always double-check the forecast, and let people know where you will be going.

Most importantly, stay safe and have fun, once you try it you will be hooked on the amazing experience of winter and cold weather paddle boarding. Have fun and paddle board rain or shine.