Health benefits of stand up paddle boarding

Health benefits of stand up paddle boarding

One of the best things about stand-up paddleboarding is, that it’s not just fun, but has so many different benefits. If we focus only on health, we can easily say that health benefits of stand up paddle boarding are amazing!

4 key reasons why stand up paddle boarding is so important

When you want to choose the best work out for you, you think about a lot of different things you want to put in one work out. Usually, we want something that can put our whole body into moving, we want it to be fun and not so hard, we want to be in nature so we can get fresh air and we want to be mind-free. It is not so easy to find work out whit all these benefits. But it does exist. We are talking about stand up paddle boarding. The most popular water sport in the world.

Here are 4 key health benefits of stand up paddle boarding:

  • Full body work out – it puts your whole body to move
  • Stress relief – it helps with stress relief in this busy world we live in
  • Time for relaxation and meditation – very good for your mental health
  • Paddle alone or paddle with friends – whatever works better for you and your social life

Physical health benefits of stand up paddle boarding

  • It is good for your cardiovascular benefits, because while paddling on the board your heart rate increases and your breath quickens. It helps with weight loss and reducing your overall risk of a heart attack or stroke.
  • It burns quite a lot of calories if you paddle really intensive. The number of calories burned will vary depending on a person’s weight and how hard they are paddling. The heavier you are, and the more adverse the weather is, the more calories you burn. Using a paddle board to race or surf can burn up to 1000 calories, while a relaxing glide on glassy waters will burn fewer. The average person can burn 400-550 calories after an hour of being on a paddle board.
  • Paddle boarding is the best exercise for boosting your endurance and stamina. Why you may ask? Because endurance and stamina are not built solely through cardio exercise, but are also built through strengthening exercises. Luckily for you, paddle boarding is both a cardio exercise and also builds strength in your upper body, core and legs.
  • How to improve balance? With paddle boarding of course. Paddle boarding requires a lot of balance to stand up on the board. This means that you’ll be practicing both your core and leg strength to keep yourself balanced on the board. And as you already know, better balance can help you balance your life in general and it can help you have better focus throughout the day.

Mental and emotional health benefits of stand up paddle boarding

In this crazy life that we live in, we all know that having a good physical health is as important as having a good mental health. We all nedd to take some time for ourselfs, to be in peace, to just breath easly and slow down. You can do all of this while you go paddle boarding.

One of health benefits of stand up paddle boarding is it reduce your stress levels. Having paddle boarding for stress reliver is the best chose you can make. Due to the sedative nature of the water around you and just breathing in the air and being on the water by yourself, can be enough to get rid of any negative energy you have.

They say that stand up paddle boarding is medicine for the mind, because you are on the water surrounded by nature. It is true, water is the elixir of the life and mother nature is great healer. So, when you have a rough day, to much of negative energie, you are under a lot of pressure, to much stress – just go paddle boarding. When you find a perfect spot on the water, just slow down and meditate. Meditation on paddle board has advantages – the sound of the waves, the natural, rocking rhythms of the lake or ocean flowing under you — water simply puts your mind at ease. It harmonizes and balances you. The fact that you’re out in the sunshine, replenishing your immune system with Vitamin D and fresh air – priceless.

Funny fact – there is a long history of people articulating the awesome feeling of wellness that comes over human beings in the water. Recently, these anecdotes have been backed up by Blue Mind Science, quantifying the positive cognitive impact of water. These studies show that just being near water — literally being close enough to see or hear a natural body of water — can release a “flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness, and increase blood flow to the brain and heart and induce relaxation.”

Health benefits of nature – based activity

Every time you go paddle boarding, you’re outdoors, on the water, on the sun and you create a strong connection between you and nature. As you can already figure it out, this leads you to even more health benefits of stand up paddle boarding. After a day staring at a computer and mobile phone, jumping on your paddle board is a welcome escape. The fresh air is therapeutic and being on your SUP connected with nature is just heavenly.

While paddle boarding on the sun, you get a lot of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that is deficient in many people. A low vitamin D level can cause fatigue, memory issues, and fragile bones. When sunlight hits our skin, the body produces vitamin D.

Health benefits of nature based activity, as paddle boarding, is good for environmental awareness. Because of the increasing amount of ‘screen time’ and the impact that this have on us, it is extremely beneficial, to get outdoors and connect with our environment. This preoccupation we have with technology has created a divide between us and our natural existence.

Health benefits of stand up paddle boarding – full body work out

Paddle boarding is a whole-body workout – you’ll be working your back muscles, core, arms, legs, shoulders. You strengthen your arm and leg muscles to propel your board through the water, but you also utilize core, back, and small muscles to maintain your balance. Being low-impact, there is less risk of injury when paddle boarding. As you build up tiny muscles to maintain your balance, you stabilize your joints. Every muscle in your body is engaged while paddleboarding. It’s both a cardio and strengthening exercise. You can think about it as two workouts happening at once.

Your upper body — your arms, back, and shoulders — propel your paddle through the water. By paddling with both sides, you’re engaging the full range of upper body muscles. Meanwhile, your lower body — your thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and core — work hard to maintain balance on the board as you shift your weight and paddle forward. Importantly, this tension is happening throughout the workout, causing you to exercise muscles for longer than you might otherwise. As a result, you’ll see a lot of standup paddleboarders with toned lower bodies and core muscles, similar to surfers and skiers.

Health benefits of stand up paddle boarding – conclusion

We already knew that paddle boarding is the most popular water sport in the world, but now we also know that health benefits of stand up paddle boarding are just amazing. We are talking about water sport that can put our whole body into moving, it is fun and easy to learn, we are in nature so we get fresh air and we are mind-free, stress-free, negative energy-free while paddling on the water.