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Set sail with Surfwave, define your life and find your way.
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We pursue superiority in product quality, versatality and style to optimize user's experience on the water. Recording every excitement on the water. It is the best companion for water enthusiasts to share their lifestyle.


Surfwave invites you enjoy your passion and freely indulge in it.
Surfwave is over 10 years experience in producing inflatable SUP board, kayak. we have been working on the design, development, production and promotion of our outdoor inflatable products which has all passed ce and ISO9001 certification. All our products are exported to more than 30 countries including Europe, America, Russia and Japan, We check every board and all accessories before we pack them, so please trust Surfwave as a forerunner in quality and fun!
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Choose Surfwave, your sports and leisure partner, to accompany you to ride the wind and waves, and enjoy the fun of the sea. Surfwave stand up paddle boards is the best choice for your water sports:
1.Cruise Capability - Responsive Control: Sparkle in open water or in small waves.
2.Portable - Full Accessories: Always be ready!
3.Multipurpose - D-Rings and Storage: Don't hesitate to take your stuff with you on your adventures.
4. Camera Mount - BLOG & VLOG: Share your lifestyle.
5. Structure - Safe, Stable and Comfortable: Stand and paddle confidently.

Surfwave specializes in providing quality outdoor products at reasonable prices. We focus on the various needs of our customers. With high quality material, perfect design, professional production, we got repid development, won widespread praise and recognition of customer satifaction. We not only offer a complete line of superior quality products, but also work with our customers to develop new models to improve ourselves and address the wilder market.
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Surfwave inflatable paddle board is specially designed for people who like to travel, men/women/youth for surfing/travel/yoga, no matter you are beginner or advanced, you can find the most from Isup board set interesting stuff. At Surfwave, we aim to share surfing and enjoyment with the sea with advanced technology and well-designed equipment and boards.


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Paddle Board

Part of the appeal of stand up paddling is that it is a relatively easy activity to learn for people of any age or fitness level. In many cases, people having no water skills can learn to paddle in 10-15 minutes as long as get them a nice, big, stable board. If you take some SUP lessons you’ll learn even faster and get comfortable on top of it.

Yep, absolutely. We have no reason to leave our furry friends at home along. Your dogs’ nails will not pop the PVC and they’ll love you for the adventure! Just put the dog on it or sit on it and go. The extra weight should not be a problem.

How To

STEP 1: Take items out of the bag and lay the board on a clean surface to roll out your SUP.

STEP 2: Remove the safety cap from the inflation / deflation valve and attach the pump hose end to the valve, turning to tighten.

STEP 3: Stand on the pump and begin to move the handle up and down. Make sure you pump directly up and down to avoid damaging the pump.

STEP 4: Once the pressure gauge reaches between 12 and 15 PSI, detach the pump hose from the air valve and replace the safety cap.

STEP 5: Attach your fin and leash and then have fun!

STEP 1: Make sure to clean off any dirt, sand or saltwater with fresh water. Then allow the board to dry or dry with a towel. Also, remove accessories such as the fin and leash.

STEP 2: Remove the valve cap and push down all the way and twist the valve head clockwise to lock the air valve open to release the air.

STEP 3: Begin to roll up the board from the end opposite the air valve making sure to push any remaining air towards the valve.

STEP 4: Once fully rolled up, use the compression strap to neatly store the SUP back in the carry bag.

STEP 5: When storing your SUP, keep it in a clean dry place. Always store your board in a cool, dry place or shady area out of reach of direct sunlight to avoid bursting or fading colors. We recommend storing your board anywhere between 5 – 40°C (40 – 105°F).

Care & Storage

Proper SUP storage is crucial for increasing your board’s longevity.

Here’s some top tips:

1. Make sure your board is fully dry before deflating, folding, and storing away. Storing your board when wet or damp can cause permanent damage over time.

2. Always store your SUP in appropriate temperatures. We recommend storing your board anywhere between 5 – 40°C (40 – 105°F).

3. Always remove your centre fin. If you deflate your board and try rolling it up with fins still in, this could cause permanent damage.